Our Mission

To advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the first responder community through spiritual generations of laborers living and disciplining among the lost.

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Since the 1940’s the Navigators have been reaching Military families with the gospel. NavsMilitary launched NavResponder as an extension to reach first responders (Police, Fire, EMS) around the U.S. The map to the left  shows NavMilitary staff around the country. As part of this launch many of the Military staff will be working with the NavResponder team to advance the gospel in responder families.

Behind our Mission

Consider this, when a young police officer joins the force they sit in a classroom and learn a lot of stuff in their police academy. They take notes, are tested, take more notes, read, test and eventually they have a great knowledge of what they are doing, the laws of the land, and even the punishment and fines for not obeying them. This academy goes further in many states. They learn how to fight, fire weapons accurately, drive fast and safely, and even how to quickly recognize “bad guys” and the best tactic to confront them.

But becoming a police officer is a lot more than just learning stuff in at the academy. As I write, in most states, officers go through comprehensive training including an additional year riding in a car with another officer constantly being coached, tested, trained and practicing for police work even after the academy. This training officer (usually referred to as the field training officer or FTO) is the disciplemaker, and his/her young trainee is the disciple. This is by far the most important part of becoming a good police officer, by observing someone who has done it for a long time.

This is what is missing so desperately within the body of Christ; we have great “Christian Academies” where we can learn a lot about being a Christian, the laws, the rights and wrongs, and the imperatives. But we seriously lack for a field-training officer. We have no one who will invest, or any understanding of the importance of someone in our lives on a continual basis showing us how to take the things we learn in “church” and apply them among our family, friends, work and communities.

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