LeadershipWhat’s up with Chris Green?

What’s up with Chris Green?

Occasionally, an opportunity comes along that you can’t help but recognize as being orchestrated by God. I experienced such a time about three years ago when Chris Green contacted me about the desire to use the thesis of my book, The Insider, as the strategy for the ministry of Responder Life; a recently formed organization devoted to bringing the gospel and discipleship to first responders in this country. They invited me to help them produce a DVD training series for first responders on how to be fruitful with the gospel as an insider among one’s workmates. We are currently in the midst of this project. But one thing leads to another.

In the course of our working together, Chris and the Responder Life leadership team realized he needed to reposition himself if they were to accomplish their vision. Chris stepped out of the presidency of Responder Life and joined the staff of The Navigators. This offered several advantages, the primary one being the positioning that The Navigators, after 80 years of history, already have in the US and around the world. They are boots already on the ground.

First responders are a culture of their own. They call themselves the “warrior class.” So do many of our people in the American military. For this reason, Chris is now part of the Military ministries of The Navigators. It’s a great fit. There are many first responders in our country who are already serious followers of Christ. Many of them ache for their workmates, to see the healing power of the gospel address the damage that daily pressures of living with emergency inflicts on them.

Chris will also continue to work with Responder Life. This is a partnership with The Navigators. He will continue to office at Responder Life headquarters in Portland Oregon. I am praying for the day when the first responders in this country will have the popular reputation of being “those people who take God seriously.”

Jim Petersen

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