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Since the 1940’s the Navigators have been reaching Military families with the gospel through the NavsMilitary Mission. NavsMilitary launched NavResponder as an extension to reach first responders (Police, Fire, EMS). As part of this launch many of the Military staff will be working with the NavResponder team to advance the gospel in first responder families.

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An Insider is someone in the police, fire, EMS culture willing to be active as a believer to those around them. “You can impress from a distance, but you can only impact up close.” Howard Hendricks The intentional act of growing with one another toward knowing Christ and making him known. “Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.” Dietrich Bonhoeffe We spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by establishing life-on-life mentoring—or discipling—relationships with people, equipping them to make an impact on those around them for God’s glory. God will be glorified and the lost will see! We believe the the power of the spirit can transform. “The Christian in the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” Francis Schaeffer

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New Website Coming November 2016

October 6, 2016 8:12 pm

Our team is busy working on a new website, which will be finalized November 2016. Stay Tuned…

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Distracted and Entertained

October 1, 2016 3:27 am

1My first Ride-Along with the Portland Police was 20 years ago. I was a freshman in Bible College. A friend (and police officer) invited me to ride with him. Little did I know, that evening would change the direction of my life. That night was full of faster than normal driving, tragic calls and an opening of my eyes to what was really going on in our world. Over time I moved from being a church pastor to becoming a reserve police officer, and then a police and fire chaplain. I have felt a great burden and calling to reach first responders for Christ. I have now spent a greater part of 15 years in this mission. During my time of reaching police, fire and others in related fields I have been amazed at how God moves in people’s lives and the opportunities I’ve had to share the Gospel. I have seen hardened patrol sergeants (not just on one occasion) open up their lives to Jesus and want to know more. I have seen tough cops leading lives seen only in the movies, and destructive at best, change their whole lives in devotion to Jesus. I have seen death and destruction turn into life and redemption (literally). But the thing I have been most amazed to see, is how the simple act of Discipleship (intentional investment into the life of one another) can create powerful agents of His Kingdom. I have become convinced and convicted that no program or study can replace the impact that discipleship has on an individual. For some reason we do not believe this anymore. Consider this, when a young police officer joins the force they sit in a classroom and learn a lot of stuff in their police academy. They take notes, are tested, take more notes, read, test and eventually they have a great knowledge of what they are doing, the laws of the land, and even the punishment and fines for not obeying them. This academy goes further in many states. They learn how to fight, fire weapons accurately, drive fast and safely, and even how to quickly recognize “bad guys” and the best tactic to confront them. But becoming a police officer is a lot more than just learning stuff in at the academy. As I write, in most states, officers go through comprehensive training including an additional year riding in a car with another officer constantly being coached, tested, trained and practicing for police work even after the academy. This training officer (usually referred to as the field training officer or FTO) is the disciplemaker, and his/her young trainee is the disciple. This is by far

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